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Frequently Asked Questions

For some reason people ask me lots of questions, I'll try to cover the general questions I am asked on this page.

Can you teach me X programming language?

I don't know why I get asked this so often, my first step with learning a language is to search for language documentation and example code, I don't do programming lessons but I am quite fond of discussing languages and programming paradigms, so feel free to ask about my opinions on languages and anything else programming related.

How do you start with making a game?

I started with RPG Maker, which uses a GUI system to hook up event logic. By using the event system I managed to learn the basics of programming, from there I could use RPG Maker's scripting system to extend the functionality. After learning about game logic and creation with RPG Maker I started reading tutorials for the Allegro library, which introduced me to engine programming.

Learning how to create games is a slow process, do not jump into it expecting instant results and do not expect to be able to create a game engine the first time round, I would recommend following a path similar to mine, start with engine tools and slowly grow your knowledge.

What do you think about game X?

I am not always the best person to ask for opinions as I always look at things from a development perspective and marketting perspective, when I am ask opinions about yet-to-be-released games I tend to look at the assets and current marketting direction before commenting on what could cause the project to fail and what needs to be watched out for, most people want me to say "Buy it!" or "Keep away!", but when it comes to games it's really down to the individual if you will enjoy the game or not.

What do you think about software X?

I seem to get asked this about software I've never even heard of or used before, so if I can't answer I will be upfront and say I haven't had an opportunity to use the software.

If I have used the software, I will detail my personal experiences and reflect on where improvements can be made. Some game engines/tools come to mind right now!

My opinions expressed are based on my own personal experiences and do not reflect any wider belief, also there's never any subtext in what I write, so everything is face-value (ie; don't try and quote me out of context!).

If you have a question for me about the website, my projects, or myself then please send an email. You can also find me on Twitter (All links are at the top of this page).